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Aimeeizing Stories: a space for illustrated citizen journalism

A few years ago, I began drawing things as I experienced them; to share a moment through someone's perspective, and add little drawings to that story.

It started through social media a while later– it was something I greatly enjoyed, so I kept sharing them for a period of my life that I can now recall as "really good times". It made me happy. A little bit after, as with most passion projects – and how it shouldn't necessarily be – I began finding ways to let It consume me. I started thinking of ways I could draw stories outside all the time; how it would also sustain me. The constant adult struggle of merging your passions to your income in orden "free oneself".

So then I built this site, because everywhere I went I found stories I wanted to tell. Additionally, I needed a separate place to write thoughts attached to my drawings that were longer than a social media caption limit; no cap on anything.

Explaining this site now as an exercise to materialize a career – and the life itself that I wish to live – feels inaccurate too. I think I must be creating this blog as an example then, to make it easier to explain my own thoughts through little drawn stories. On the other hand, simply doing this because I want to –and enjoy it– makes more sense to me now.. sans profit.

Either way.. I just want to go out and tell stories, draw them, and share them. Not as a news outlet, but more as 'Sunday reading'. Stories that I could read [and remember] today, as well as in three months, or in a year. Relevancy is the moment in itself, and not as much as when it happened.

What I hope..

Eventually, that this becomes a big archive of stories by other people.. drawn by more people. Something much bigger than myself, and tell stories about other lives, in other places. In the meantime, this is really more like an illustrated blog.

** If you want to share anything, either written to be drawn; written and drawn; or collaborate just with drawings, reach out to :)


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